It’s okay to tell your kids to lie…

Lying- it's my pet peeve. YOU DO NOT LIE, except when I tell you it's ok. Let me explain. As a child I was abused by a neighbor. I didn't know it was ok to say NO and I didn't know I could lie to get out of a situation. I always told the truth. … Continue reading It’s okay to tell your kids to lie…


Follow your passions

Whatever your passions are, follow them. If it's writing- by all means write- and write daily! Painting, sculpture, reading- all of it- do what makes you happy and do a lot of it. It heals the soul. For me- it's writing and volunteering that really make me truly happy. No matter what is going on- … Continue reading Follow your passions

Oceans heal

If you grew up along the ocean or near it then you know that Oceans can heal you. Literally too- salt water is known to fix and cure a lot of things. Epsom Salt for those of you who don't live close enough to soak your feet in the salt water of the ocean and … Continue reading Oceans heal